How to Download and Install AVG AntiVirus FREE Edition

AVG antivirus software has gone through many major updates and improvements over the last decade and its FREE version is still going strong with a large user base. In this tutorial, I will show you how to download and install the AVG Free Edition on your computer.

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Web browsers have considerably improved in terms of online security and fighting with viruses and privacy threats over the last couple of years but there may still be times where you would wish you had a professional antivirus software installed on your computer or phone, before getting infected and losing your important files or critical personal information. You may frequently clean your web browser history to maintain a clean and safe browsing experience but still it won't be equal to using proper protection.

Without the protection of an antivirus software, your computer may catch a virus while downloading music tracks, while downloading videos or while watching a stream, as there may be some ill-minded viewers who may post and share malicious links that spread viruses or malware. In short, considering the rise of online security risks with all types of websites and applications you might be using on a daily basis, without an antivirus software, your computer might be practically defenseless and vulnerable to everchanging virus threats.

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One such antivirus software that you can protect your computer, tablet or mobile phone (any device with an Internet connection) with is AVG, which has been in the market for about two decades.

AVG (Anti-Virus Guard) is one of the most popular antivirus software that is downloaded and actively used by hundreds of millions of PC, Mac and mobile device users across the globe. It is a great, easy-to-use tool for keeping your computer safe and secure. AVG not only provides protection for your computer against harmful threats such as viruses, spyware, malware, identity theft, unsafe web links, dangerous email attachments etc. but it also helps improve the performance of your computer and browsing speed with the help of a number of software in addition to the core antivirus application.

AVG offers two editions as FREE and PRO. The free version provides enough protection for the average user, but if you would like to have more protection features you can also give the pro version a try. In the rest of this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to download and install the FREE edition.

Download AVG AntiVirus FREE Edition

STEP 1: To start your download, go to the AVG website and open the page where the download link for AVG FREE edition is provided. You can simply click on the link below:

How to Download and Install AVG AntiVirus FREE Edition - 1

STEP 2: Click on the FREE Download link to start downloading AVG AntiVirus FREE edition.

Once you click the download button, you will be sent to the "Thank you" page and an installation file named something like AVG_Protection_Free_1648.exe will be automatically downloaded to your computer. The build number (1648) may be different depending on which version is available at the time of your reading this tutorial.

If the install file is successfully downloaded, you may continue with the installation steps.

Install AVG AntiVirus FREE Edition

STEP 1: Click on the installation file (AVG_Protection_Free_1648.exe) to start the installation process. You may need to run it as an Administrator if it doesn't start.

The installation files will start to download; this may take up to a couple of minutes depending on your Internet connection speed.

STEP 2: Once all the files are downloaded, click the Custom installation link below the Continue button.

How to Download and Install AVG AntiVirus FREE Edition - 2

STEP 3: On the next screen, select Protection FREE option by clicking on the radio box to the left of Basic protection. You may also select the Protection PRO option if you want to check its trial version.

How to Download and Install AVG AntiVirus FREE Edition - 3

STEP 4: On the next screen, specify a location on your system as the installation folder and select which components you want to be installed. The Computer protection is installed by default, you can select or deselect Web component and Email protection features depending on the type of protection you want. Web component protects you against unsafe websites and email protection protects you against unsafe email attachments.

How to Download and Install AVG AntiVirus FREE Edition - 4

STEP 5: Once all options are set, click the Install now button. The installation will took place and AVG FREE edition will be installed to your computer. When the installation is complete, the application may continue to download and install some essential updates for the virus and malware database, so wait till that's also done.

When you have successfully installed AVG FREE on your computer, it is recommended that you do a full scan of all your files (including operating system files) to check if any of your files are infected by any viruses or malware.

This concludes our tutorial about downloading and installing AVG AntiVirus FREE edition; hopefully your computer will be a safer place to browse the web from now on.

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