The Most Visited Website of the Internet

Millions of new websites come and go every single year but only very few of them manage to stay around and continue to attract visitors for a long period of time, by improving themselves and adding new features to stay up-to-date with their visitors' needs. In this post, you will find out which website is the most visited one on the Internet and other most visited sites in a number of categories.

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The number of active websites on the Internet is growing at a significant rate each year and we are observing some major websites appear and disappear in the history of Internet, in the long term. Some websites are becoming long forgotten but some others, which play the game of surviving on the rapidly changing online world by its rules, are succeeding at staying among the top 10 most visited websites for many years.

While we've seen some major new players entering the "most visited website" race, most of the top sites remain at their positions or experience just slight variations over the couple of years. For example, there are some popular sites that have been occupying the top few positions solidly for the past couple of years.

If you check the top 500 sites on the web list provided by Alexa, a web analytics company, you will see the most popular websites listed globally or by country and by category based on their total visits and page views. For many years, there is one site that was able to stay on the top of this list, as the number 1 most visited website in the world. Before we come to that site, let's first see some of the most visited sites in various categories as follows.

The Most Visited Search Engine

Google, without a doubt, has been the most visited search engine for about a decade now. It started to function as a search engine but in time, it evolved into a lot of things such as email, maps, apps, ads and more. Google is followed by the Chinese search engine Baidu as the next most visited search engine, and then comes Yahoo, Bing and Yandex.

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The Most Visited Social Network

The first website that comes to our mind when we think of social networks is Facebook, which now has over a billion users around the world. Facebook started as a university experiment and quickly grew into the number 1 social network, some of its users would define it as the Internet and would use only it when they are connected to the Internet. Facebook is followed by Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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The Most Visited Video Sharing Site

Video equals to YouTube on the Internet. Whatever it is that you are looking for (fun, entertainment, information, news, strange things, top 10 lists, etc.), you can most probably find it on YouTube. It is the world's most popular video sharing platform where billions of minutes of videos are watched every day. YouTube is followed by other popular video sharing sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion and Metacafe.

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The Most Visited Online Shopping Site

Amazon is one of the oldest online stores which has come a long way and become the most popular online sopping website today. You can find millions of physical and digital goods on Amazon in dozens of categories. From its traffic trends in the last couple of years, it looks like Amazon will continue to be the most visited online store for years to come. Amazon is followed by eBay, the most popular auction site; Etsy, the most popular online handmade items store; and Walmart, another highly popular store.

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The Most Visited News Site

There are so many news websites on the Internet and more of them are spawning right and left but some of them continue to stay at the top. CNN is the top news network and also most visited news website, followed by other popular news websites The New York Times, The Guardian and The Huffington Post.

The Most Visited Streaming Site

Recorded video days are passing quickly, as there is a new player on the field which lets you stream in real time. We are talking about Twitch, which is the most popular live streaming website, mostly used by online gamers but also for any other sort of streaming purposes. With its subscription model and ease of accepting tips and donations, the fantastic interface and chat features, Twitch is the first place to go for any professional or wannabe streamer. Twitch is followed from far behind by YouTube Gaming, Dailymotion Games and Hitbox.

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The Most Visited Music Listening Site

Being able to listen to free music only on the radio days are long gone as we can now listen to any types of music tracks on free music listening websites such as Spotify which seems to be the king of them at this time. You can listen to free music on Spotify forever with the free membership which comes with some ads, or upgrade to premium for enhanced features. Spotify is also one of the most popular mobile apps. It is followed by SoundCloud, Deezer, and

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The Most Visited Website

Finally, we can come back to the most visited website on the Internet, which is Google. As also mentioned above, Google is no longer just a search engine; it offers email services, online business tools, online maps, storage and more. Google is followed by another site that it owns, YouTube, and its main competitor, Facebook, not in terms of business models but in terms of sharing the visitors. After that, comes the good old Wikipedia, the largest free online encyclopedia.

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This concludes our list of most visited websites in different categories. Which of them do you visit on a daily basis?

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