How to View Your Own Updates in LinkedIn

If you are a new LinkedIn user or if you are still having difficulty navigating your way through its interface, you will find some helpful tips this tutorial about viewing the updates that you post on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with other people in your profession or related fields. Unlike a traditional social network, its focus is on individuals and businesses who are gathered there for the purpose of finding jobs, hiring people or connecting with other professionals from all around the world, who work in similar areas.

LinkedIn is also a good place to create your online, informal CV, where you can provide information about yourself, list your skills, jobs and projects you worked on previously and display endorsements and recommendations from people you have worked with. Another thing you can do on LinkedIn is to make posts and share them with others; with public or only with your connections. These posts may range from simple status updates to photos and articles.

LinkedIn stores all those updates you share with others, on a page where you or other LinkedIn users can view later on. We will now see where this page is located.

Where to Find Your Updates in LinkedIn

When you first log into your LinkedIn account, you are welcomed with the homepage which displays a list of updates recently published by your connections. As expected, the homepage does not display your own updates (you wouldn't be much interested in viewing your own updates, unless there is some activity on them, right?).

What you need to do in order to find your updates is to go to the Your Updates page in the Profile section. The following steps explain how to open that page. Note that this tutorial assumes that you are on a computer, but the concept is more or less the same on other devices too.

STEP 1: Bring the mouse cursor over the Profile link on the top navigation bar.

You will see a dropdown with a couple of profile related links.

How to View Your Own Updates in LinkedIn - 1

At the bottom of that dropdown menu, you will see Your Updates link.

STEP 2: Click Your Updates link to open the page which displays your recent activities on LinkedIn.

On this page, you will see your published posts under Published tab, your post drafts under Drafts tab and your recent updates under the Recent Activity tab.

Make sure to select the Recent Activity tab if another tab is currently active.

How to View Your Own Updates in LinkedIn - 2

Note that, as also explained in this support article, LinkedIn stores "updates" only for a certain period of time, which is no more than a few weeks. Any updates you had posted more than a few weeks ago will not be displayed here. I don't know if they are completely deleted and will never be accessible again but as of now, all we know is that LinkedIn displays only updates that are no older than a couple of weeks.

If you haven't posted any updates in the last two weeks, you will see the following notice on this page:

You haven't had any activity in the last two weeks.

For that reason, if you want to share sticky posts that are always available on LinkedIn, instead of making soon-to-be-vanished updates, you should make posts (via Write an article option).

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