5 Nice Free Online Image Conversion Tools

You don't need complicated or expensive image editing software to convert your images from one format to another. There are many free online tools that you can freely use for image conversion and in this post I will talk about 5 of them.

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Whether you are building a new website, designing a new graphic material or preparing an visual presentation for your next meeting, working with images is often times a big part of what you are doing. One of the important aspects of working with image files is to convert them from one type to another in order to prepare them in the appropriate format to use in your medium.

In another post, I briefly talked about how to convert image file types which you may find useful for having a better understanding of how image conversion works and what your options are to do it. As also mentioned in that post, one of your options for converting image files is to use free online image conversion tools.

One of the main advantages of using an online tool for your image conversion tasks is that it will be available from anywhere and any device, as long as you have an Internet connection. Furthermore, with some tools, you can use images from your online file storage accounts (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) easily. Also, some of the online image converters are as much or even more capable than the desktop tools. Combined with the online image editing tools, online image conversion tools will be a nice addition to your tool arsenal. You just need to make sure while doing your image conversions that the tool you are using actually does convert and not only rename the image file, which is not a real conversion.

Now, let's start with our list of free image converters you can use online.

1. Online-Convert.com: Online Image Converter

5 Nice Free Online Image Conversion Tools - 1

The Online Image Converter offered by online-convert.com, a website that has numerous file conversion tools, is one of the most comprehensive online image conversion tools that you can find. It converts from over 110 source formats to 12 output formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO and SVG. It allows you to either upload an image from your device or from your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.

It has a variety of size, quality, color and enhancement options that you can use during your conversions. It has a 100 MB limit for upload size which is more than enough for most cases. This tool definitely deserves to be in your bookmarks as it will be one of your go-to sources when you need to convert any type of images.

Here is the link to Online-Convert.com: Online Image Converter.

2. Online-Utility.org: Image Converter

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Online-utility.org's Image Converter is a quick and simple online image conversion tool that you can use for quick conversions when you don't need any extra options. It supports dozens of image file types including BMP, EPS and TGA. Simply select the type of conversion you want to perform, upload your file and it will be converted in a couple of seconds.

Here is the link to Online-Utility.org: Image Converter.

3. Image-Tools.com: Image Conversion Tool

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The Image Conversion Tool that you will find on image-tools.com website is another simple and easy to use image converter that supports three most popular image file formats: JPEG, PNG and GIF. In the majority of your file conversions these three image file types will be the most that you will be using, which will make this tool quite useful.

Once the conversion is complete, you will right click and save the resulting image displayed on their page. They also offer a free image resizing tool which might come handy if you also need to resize your images.

Here is the link to Image-Tools.com: Image Conversion Tool.

4. Cool Utils: Online Image Converter

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Online Image Converter is another tool to add to your toolset provided by CoolUtils.com, a collection of online file converters. It has resizing and rotating options and converts between dozens of image formats including the less common formats like RAW, TGA, PCX, WebP and EMF. You can upload images from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive. It performs the conversion rather quickly compared to some other tools.

Here is the link to Cool Utils: Online Image Converter.

5. FixPicture

5 Nice Free Online Image Conversion Tools - 5

FixPicture is a nice online tool that allows you to resize and convert your image files with an easy to use interface. It has quality, rotation and effect options to improve your conversions even further. It currently supports 6 major image file formats and has a limit of 3 MB, which shouldn't be an issue if you are working with small size images.

Here is the link to FixPicture.

There are many more free online image conversion tools that you may find but these are the ones that I found to be the best so far.

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