6 Free Python Tutorials Websites to Learn Python

Just started to learn Python programming? Having difficulty finding good websites where you can find high quality tutorials with nice examples to speed up your learning? In this post, we make a list of 5 nice websites that offer free Python tutorials.

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Python is one of the most popular programming languages that is used for developing desktop and web applications and websites rapidly. Its syntax, structure and purpose as a scripting language is to reduce the amount of time you spend on coding, to make integrating systems easier and to produce elegantly working systems on multiple platforms. Python is currently maintained in two versions as 3.5 (v 3.6 is under development) and 2.7.

Learning Python is easy as it has a clean and simple syntax, especially if you have a programming background and you are experienced in at least one of the other programming languages. You can find similarities between Python and other scripting languages such as functions, loops (for, while, etc.), lists (arrays), calculations, object oriented programming and so on.

Also check our tutorials about how to install Python and Hello World Python script.

Python is not as popular as PHP or ASP.NET as a web programming language but you can still find a nicely-sized community of Python coders and a number of resources with tutorials and examples that teach Python.

When you start learning a new programming language, or when you go over some tutorials to refresh your knowledge, it is better to go over the same topics on different tutorial sources and websites in order to learn different approaches and opinions about doing the same tasks. For this reason, we prepared a list of high quality websites where you can find Python tutorials to improve your Python knowledge.

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Before you check any other Python tutorials site, make sure to go over the official Python Beginner's Guide as well as the Python Tutorial. Also, add the Python Documentation page to your bookmarks as you will be needing to refer to it frequently during your projects. While using the documentation and tutorial pages on the official Python website, make sure that you are on the correct pages depending on what version you are working with: Python 2.x or Python 3.x.

List of Websites Where You Can Find Nice Python Tutorials and Learn Python Programming

In no specific order, the following is a list of websites where you can find high quality Python tutorials about many topics that will help you learn Python faster.

1. LearnPython.org

6 Free Python Tutorials Websites to Learn Python - 1

LearnPython.org offers a detailed set of Python tutorials from beginner to advanced topics. It provides clear and easy to understand examples and offers exercises to provide a better learning experience. What separates LearnPython.org from other Python tutorial websites is its live code editor on which you can type code and preview its result with the click of a Run button.

Here is the link to LearnPython.org.

2. Codecademy

6 Free Python Tutorials Websites to Learn Python - 2

Codecademy is one of the popular platforms for learning how to code in a number of programming languages such as PHP, Java, SQL, Ruby and Python. Codecademy's free Python course offers interactive lessons, examples and quizzes to help you learn Python easily. It covers topics like Python syntax, strings, control flow, functions, lists, loops and classes. This site also has a pro plan with more tutorials and examples.

Here is the link to Codecademy.

3. Tutorials Point

6 Free Python Tutorials Websites to Learn Python - 3

Tutorials Point is one of the established free online tutorials website that covers a wide range of web design and development topics, including Python scripting. Their Python tutorial explains basic and advanced Python topics in detail by providing examples that you can play with in a live code editor. You can find tutorials about advanced Python topics such as classes/objects, regular expressions, database access, sending email, xml processing and GUI programming.

Here is the link to Tutorials Point.

4. Codementor

6 Free Python Tutorials Websites to Learn Python - 4

Codementor offers a paid online Python class with live mentors but they also have a nice archive of Python related tutorials and blog posts that are freely available. They cover highly detailed topics such as image manipulation, user-defined functions, machine learning, building data products and more. Our recommendation will be to check Codementor's tutorials after you have grasped the basics of Python as their tutorials are highly detailed and longer than beginner tutorials you will find on the other sites.

Here is the link to Codementor.

5. Google's Python Class

6 Free Python Tutorials Websites to Learn Python - 5

Google's Python Class is a collection of free online tutorials for Python that starts with introduction to Python and setting it up and continues with strings, lists, files, regular expressions and utilities. It also provides videos that you can follow and exercises to hone your Python skills.

Here is the link to Google's Python Class.

6. Python Beginner Tutorial (YouTube)

6 Free Python Tutorials Websites to Learn Python - 6

As the final resource on our list for those who prefer learning from video tutorials, the Python Beginner Tutorial video series prepared by OneStopProgramming YouTube channel offers a nice amount of videos to get you started with coding in Python.

Here is the link to Python Beginner Tutorial.

This concludes our list of sites that provide Python tutorials. If you are an intermediate to advanced Python programmer and you are looking for Python related jobs or projects that you can apply to, you can also check the Jobs section of the Python site where you will find dozens of job listings from all over the world.

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