How to Download the .ftpquota File

This tutorial briefly explains downloading the .ftpquota file.

We recently talked about the .ftpquota file and what is used for and in this quick tutorial we will show how to download it to your local computer.

First of all, we should say that you really don't need to download or play with the .ftpquota files because there is no practical reason for that. The .ftpquota file is created automatically by the server and it holds the FTP quota information of an FTP account. Since you have the ability to change the quota of an FTP account through your hosting control panel, you can just ignore the .ftpquota file.

Having said hat, if for any reason you want to download the .ftpquota file, you can do this using the File Manager of your hosting control panel.

1. Go to the folder where the .ftpquota file is located. It should be in the root directory of the addon domain.

How to Download the .ftpquota File - 1

2. Select the file and click the Download button on the toolbar. You can also right click on the .ftpquota file and select Download. Different hosting control panels may have different options.

How to Download the .ftpquota File - 2

Note that, since the .ftpquota file controls the FTP access quota, it is impossible to download and/or edit it via an FTP client such as FileZilla.

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