Top 5 Free IP Address Lookup Sites

Often times, you may need to check the origin of the IP number of a website visitor, a spam email or a harmful bot and figure out to whom it belongs or in which country it is located. In this post, I will list 5 nice and easy to use websites where you can look up IP addresses for free.

Every computer, every server, every tablet, every phone, in summary every device that is connected to the Internet is given an IP (Internet Protocol) number, which is also known as IP address (e.g. The IP address identifies a device on the world wide web; you can think of it like a license plate of a vehicle in the traffic. The reason all devices are assigned different IP addresses is to ensure uniqueness of each device, to allow allocation of IP ranges based on countries and based on ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and some other technical reasons.

One of the benefits of using unique IP addresses for each device is that it allows to track the online activities performed via that device, which at first might sound like a privacy breach but it is needed for not only website/server related security, optimization and maintenance tasks but also for legal situations that may arise for any reason such as conducting any illegal activity, which will be easily tracked by the IP number.

For example, when you receive spam emails, you can use reverse email lookup tools to find who owns an email address or to find who owns a website to fight with and report spam emails. Similarly, when you, your computer or your website are exposed to any type of illegal or simply annoying activities, you can look up the IP address of the individual that's responsible and act accordingly.

IP numbers can be assigned as static or dynamic, based on a user's Internet package and settings. Tracking static IP addresses is usually easier than dynamic IP addresses because they are assigned once and they do not change. Either case, finding the owner of an IP address, or finding the true origin, or geolocation of an IP address may not always be as easy as you may think due to the use of proxies, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and other technologies that may hide or change the real IP address of a user.

The first thing you can do to lookup an IP address is to use one of the freely available tools online. To save you time, I compiled a list of 5 popular IP lookup websites and listed for your reference below.

List of IP Lookup Lookup Sites

In no specific order, you can visit any of the following websites to look up IP addresses and find on which server they are hosted and which country they originate from.


Top 5 Free IP Address Lookup Sites - 1 not only provides information about your own IP address and your ISP but it also provides an IP lookup tool to search IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. It displays the IP, Host and Country information as well as IP owner (if available), domain owner (if available) and related IP addresses that you may find useful in your case.

Here is the link to

2. - IP Lookup

Top 5 Free IP Address Lookup Sites - 2 offers a number of IP related tools including a tool that gives highly detailed information about IP addresses such as IP Decimal, Hostname, ASN, ISP, Type, Country, City, Postal Code, Latitude, Longitude. It also displays a map corresponding to the geolocation of the IP address.

Here is the link to's IP Lookup tool.


Top 5 Free IP Address Lookup Sites - 3 is another free IP lookup tool where you can easily find the location of an IP address. It provides detailed geolocation data of an IP address from multiple established geolocation data sources such as MaxMind and IP2Location.

Here is the link to

4. IP Tracker

Top 5 Free IP Address Lookup Sites - 4

IP Tracker has a number of tracking tools for IP, email and whois information. In addition to the basic IP tracking information, it also provides detailed local information about the location of the IP like the time zone, local time, language, currency and international phone code.

Here is the link to IP Tracker.

5. What Is My IP

Top 5 Free IP Address Lookup Sites - 5

What Is My IP's IP address lookup tool provides information about an IP from by comparing two different databases. It also gives information about who owns the IP address (if available) and whether or not it is blacklisted.

Here is the link to What Is My IP.

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These are some of the most popular IP lookup sites where you can freely and quickly search information about IP addresses. Since websites come and go and some websites may stop operation in time, it will be a good idea to bookmark this page and check it whenever you need to do an IP lookup.

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