What is the Twitter Header Banner Size?

You can decorate your Twitter profile page with a beautiful header banner image as you wish, but do you know in what size and dimensions it should be? In this post, I will talk about the Twitter banner size for profile header image in detail.

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Twitter is one of the most popular social websites that is intensively used by hundreds of millions of users around the world. It owes its popularity partly to its unique concept of applying a character limit (140) to user postings and simplifying instant status sharing in everyday and business communications.

Twitter offers a number of customization options to its users for making their profiles unique and attractive. Profile photos and Header photos are among these customizations that will not only enhance how your profile looks but also create a first impression about who you are and what your profile is about.

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Adding a header photo to your Twitter profile is quite easy. Once you are logged into your profile, simply click the Edit Profile button at the right corner just below the header image area and then click the blue header area where it says Add a header photo and select an image from your computer or mobile phone.

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Adding your profile header image is as simple as that, but there are a couple things to keep in mind to achieve the best display result such as the image format, size and dimensions.

Twitter Header Photo Size & Dimensions

Firstly, if your header photo is not ready yet, you can find some amazing free stock photos, public domain images or even some beautiful wallpapers to use as your header photo. You may also take some photos with your phone and finally prepare the photo of your choice using one of these online photo editing applications.

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Twitter gives some information about the profile and header photos on the following two support articles:

Customizing Your Profile
Profile Photo Troubleshooting

What we learn from those articles is that the header photo image must be in JPG, GIF or PNG format (except animated GIFs). There is a file size limit of 2 MB for the profile photos but there's no mention of a size limit for the header photos. Also, the recommended dimensions for the header photo are:

Twitter Header Banner Size:

1500x500 pixels

It is not a strict dimension limit but if you want the best result, that's the width and height values you should aim with your image. You can start with an empty image file of 1500px width and 500px height or use one of the images from Twitter's header images gallery on Flickr as a template:


Note that, not all screens are the same size, hence your header photo may be displayed like it is cropped on certain screen sizes. Nothing to worry about but an important thing to keep in mind for not placing key information on your header image's edge areas.

Now that you know the Twitter banner size, you can start preparing your header photo and put it on your profile.

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