How to Add Columns to WordPress Blog Posts

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to add multiple columns in the posts or pages on your WordPress blog.

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How do I add columns to my WordPress blog posts?

I keep hearing this question on various help forums, so I decided to create a post on the subject. It is possible to have columns in WordPress posts without a plugin, but it may require use of some advanced HTML and CSS which you may not be familiar with. Therefore, I will show you how to do it with a plugin called WP Post Columns (plugin page on WordPress plugin repository).

The first thing you will do is to install the plugin. Search for "wp post columns" plugin within the Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search and install it.

How to Add Columns to WordPress Blog Posts

Once the plugin is installed and activated there is no other settings to adjust. The only thing to do is to insert the following code into the post or page where you want to have a column structure.

2 columns:

[column width="46%" padding="6%"]
...Column 1...
[/column] [column width="46%" padding="0%"]
...Column 2...
[/column] [end_columns]

3 columns:

[column width="30%" padding="3%"]
...Column 1...
[/column] [column width="30%" padding="3%"]
...Column 2...
[/column] [column width="30%" padding="0"]
...Column 3...
[/column] [end_columns]

... and so on. Note that you can add as many columns as you want as long as you keep the correct formatting and change the width of any columns as you wish.

That's all about adding columns to Wordpress posts with a plugin and I hope that you found this tutorial helpful.

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