How to Limit the Number of Tags in Your WordPress Blog

In this quick WordPress tip, I will demonstrate how to limit the number of tags on your posts.

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Using tags in your WordPress blogs is a very effective way to group your posts other than categories. For example, you can use hundreds of tags through the blog, but you might not want to have that much categories. Another benefit of tags is that they favor the SEO of your blog. I will talk about this at a later post.

Here I want to show you how to change or limit the number of tags that are shown in the Tags widget by default. Unfortunately, this cannot be done through the admin panel; you will need to edit one of the WordPress core files.

Here is how to do it:

1. Login to your hosting account and open file manager and locate the WordPress installation files of your website. This can also be done through a FTP client.
2. Go to wp-includes folder and find category-template.php file.
3. In that file, find wp_tag_cloud function and change the 'number' value to whatever you want.

Another solution is to use a plugin called New Tag Cloud, to control your tags. That plugin allows you to change the number of tags displayed as well as other modifications like changing the font size of tags.

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