How to Write an Article About a Topic That You Know Absolutely Nothing About

For whatever reason, you may need to write an article about a topic that you know nothing about, here is some tips to help you.

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First of all, let's make one thing clear: You should probably not write an article about a topic that you know absolutely nothing about. However, sometimes there may be situations where you may need to do this and it is better to be able to do it when you need it.

There are writers who can create high quality articles about topics they are a totally stranger to, in a short time. This is a skill that's developed in time, with practice and experience. So, hearing claims such as "Give me any topic and I'll write a 500 words high quality article around it in less than an hour." shouldn't surprise you.

Writing is a skill that is built and developed over time with more and more practice. If you keep reading and writing, and follow the ones who are good at it, your writing will become better eventually. It is not an overnight thing to achieve, it will require hard work, dedication and patience.

If you want to write quality articles in any topic, you need to start with exercising writing on subjects that you are familiar to and you enjoy writing about. By doing so, you will be building your own style of writing and your writing speed will increase. Once you are comfortable with the articles you've written, share them with your friends and or with your readers and see the feedback you will receive. You should not be discouraged if you get some negative feedback about your writing, take all the feedback you can and try to improve your writing accordingly.

At some point, you will feel confident enough to write about things that you know less about. Try writing on some topics that you will not need to do thorough research to write. It will be slightly difficult at the beginning, but when you start writing, it will flow naturally and you will not know when you finished your article.

The next step is to write about topics that you will need to do a little research to be able to compose an article. For that kind of topics, make a preliminary research and try to base your article around a question related to the topic or make a list of items to write about.

For example, a how-to article will be easy to start with. E.g., "How to register a domain name?" or "How to install a WordPress blog?". You will be able to find a great deal of information on how-to subjects on the internet. One good thing about writing how-to type articles is that you improve your knowledge about the topic as you do your research and craft your article.

Another type of article to start with is a list of items like "7 things to keep in mind before starting a web business" or "Simple steps to build a wonderful garden". The idea here is to split the article body into smaller parts and complete it step by step. In a short time, you will notice how fast you've become in writing.

Finally, and the hardest one, we come to the topics that you know nothing about and the ones that you are hearing for the first time. Anyone can write nonsensical content about anything; however, as a wannabe quality article writer, you should be focusing only on creating quality content. So, before coming to this point, make sure you do a great deal of exercise about your writing as described so far.

You will need to do more research and you will be reading until you get to a point that you learnt enough about the topic to start writing about it. For some topics, this may take hours, yet for some others, this may take days or even weeks. And for some specific ones like extremely detailed medical subjects or engineering trends, which will require professional background, you may not be able to write at all. In that case, a better thing to do would be to ask for help or hire a professional to do the writing for you.

Hopefully, you will find these tips useful and use them in your article writing from now on.

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