Are You on YouTube? 3 Ways to Check If You Are on YouTube

Have you ever wondered if you are on YouTube? Do you know how to search and find out if you are on YouTube or not? In this post, I will talk about three methods that you can use to look for yourself on YouTube.

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YouTube, the most popular video sharing platform, is one of the most visited websites in the world and its popularity is growing every year. Every day, millions of new videos are being uploaded and billions of hours of videos are being watched by a huge user base around the world.

There are not only the publishers, be it individuals or companies, but also regular users on YouTube who use the site not only for publishing their personal or business related videos but also for watching others' videos, connecting with other YouTube users and joining discussions on their favorite channels and videos.

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Though it is a great platform which brings the publishers and viewers together, there may be cases where you might wish you hadn't joined YouTube or shared any of your videos on it. Although most users use YouTube responsibly and respect others' privacy and other rights, some not-so-respectful users may distribute your videos on their channels without your consent and/or cause other troubles that you prefer not to be on YouTube.

For this reason, from time to time, you may need to check if you are on YouTube in any way, as a user with your profile and comments or in any of the videos, whether you or other users posted them online. That's why I will go through a couple of ways to check whether or not you are on YouTube.

Are You on YouTube? Let's See If You're

Please note that, since there is no way for us (those who are not YouTube administrators) to exactly know what is there on YouTube and since there is no such technology to scan and process all videos (billions of them!) to tell if someone is in any of them, all our methods will be the best we can do considering our limited capability.

1. Check Your Google and YouTube Accounts

The first thing to do is to "remember" what Google and YouTube related accounts you have had over the last couple of years. Check your notes, password files and see if you have any account that are still active for Google or YouTube. Note that, YouTube was acquired by Google long ago and YouTube and Google accounts have been merged for a while now.

If you have any active accounts, log in to YouTube,, and see if your account has anything related to you that you want to remove such as your real name, contact info, your videos and so on.

If you don't have any Google or YouTube accounts, move on to the next step.

2. Search Yourself on YouTube

The next thing you can do to answer the question "Are you on YouTube?" is to perform some searches on the site. Simply go to and enter your name into the search box and press the search button (or hit Enter). Also try performing the search with putting your name between double quotes like the following:

"Your Name"

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If there are any videos which have your name in their title, in their description or in their tags, they will be listed. Note that, many individuals may have the same name, therefore if you have a popular name + surname, your search may be longer than you might imagine.

Check each video and see if you appear in any of them. You may also expand your search by using your family or friends' names, the name of your business or employer, your previous schools, events that you attended and other similar things that may help you find your videos.

If your searches don't return any results, that's a good sign (assuming you don't want yourself on YouTube). But keep in mind that it doesn't guarantee that you are not on YouTube in any videos. It's just a nice indication that you probably aren't.

3. Search Yourself on Google Videos

If you didn't find anything about yourself on YouTube, you can extend your search to Google Videos. Go to and make a search for your name, also try the double quotes version. Remember to select Videos tab to filter your search to only video results.

Are You on YouTube? 3 Ways to Check If You Are on YouTube - 3

Sometimes, Google does a better job finding things on a website than the website itself. With a small chance, you may find something about yourself on YouTube during this search.

These are the three methods for checking if you are on YouTube. Note that, even if you can't find anything after doing all these searches, you may still be on some videos that you were not able to locate. However, also know that nobody will be able to find you on YouTube using the same searches.

As a side note, if you have privacy concerns using YouTube, which is totally understandable in today's Internet world, know that you always have the options to change your YouTube username or to change your YouTube channel name. If that's not enough for you and you would rather use a different video sharing website, you can check alternatives to YouTube. Lastly, if you are visiting YouTube to only listen to music, you can also find some other free music listening sites on the Internet.

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