How to Disable YouTube Watch History

If you don't want YouTube to keep track of your previously watched videos, you can simply disable your watch history from your account settings. This tutorial will demonstrate how you can disable (pause) your YouTube watch history in simple steps.

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Social networks and video sharing sites like YouTube usually store your previous actions that you perform on that platform, such as searches, watches, likes, shares etc. YouTube, by default, keeps track of your search queries and watched videos, which are logged and made available to only you from an account history page.

While you may find this feature to be pretty useful in most cases as it provides an easy way to find all the videos that you had watched earlier, sometimes, especially for privacy reasons, it is also nice to be able to get rid of this logged watch history and make a fresh start.

In some other tutorials, we talked about clearing search history, clearing watch history and disabling search history in YouTube. What is left is disabling YouTube watch history, which I will be going over in the rest of this tutorial.

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How to Disable Watch History in YouTube

Before we start, let me remind you that YouTube keeps track of watched videos only when you are logged into your account while watching the videos. Your web browser may still keep a record of the URLs (hence the watched videos), unless you are browsing in the private (incognito) mode, in which case, you can still clear your activity history by deleting your web browser history.

Also note that disabling your watch history in YouTube does not automatically delete the previously watched videos from your history, it just stops tracking future watched videos, so you will still need to delete them to clear your watch history completely.

If these points are clear, we can now continue with the steps to disable your watch history.

STEP 1: Log in to your YouTube account at

Once logged in, you will see on the left side the navigation bar with links to your account pages, as well as your subscribed channels.

How to Disable YouTube Watch History - 1

STEP 2: Select History on the navigation to open the history page which has controls for the watch and search histories.

Make sure that the Watch history tab is selected.

How to Disable YouTube Watch History - 2

You will see two buttons: Clear all watch history and Pause watch history.

STEP 3: Click on Pause watch history button which will disable your watch history from being logged. From now on, any video you watch on YouTube while you are logged in to your account will not be stored here.

When you click that button, it will now say Resume watch history, which means that if you ever want YouTube to continue tracking your watched videos, you can come to this page again and resume your watch history by clicking on that button.

This is how YouTube watch history is disabled in three simple steps. You can find more YouTube related tutorials on this site such as how to change YouTube username, how to find your comments on YouTube and more.

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