How to Find and Delete Your YouTube Comments

Until recently, it was almost impossible to find your comments on YouTube. That's because the #1 video sharing platform did not have a comment tracking feature, even though it was a highly-wished one among its users for a very long time.

YouTube Once Did Not Have Comment Tracking

Not long ago, when you posted a comment on a YouTube video, you had nearly no way to find it again, I mean easily. Because unlike most other websites, YouTube did not let its users keep track of their comments from within their accounts, even though it was technically possible.

Though tracking their comments may not be much important for some users; for me and for those who care about what they write online, about the responses they receive, e.g. how many likes they got and who liked their comment, and those who enjoy checking their past comments every now and then for any reason, it is an important thing. That's also why, I thought of alternative simple ways to keep track of YouTube comments such as bookmarking your comments in your browser, or saving their URLs in a spreadsheet, as well as finding your comment on a video.

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Thankfully, YouTube finally implemented a comment history feature, as a response to their users' wishes, which now allows finding, editing and deleting your past comments from your account easily, without needing any third party tools or software. So, whenever you need to check your old comments, make edits on them, or maybe delete them, as you may no longer feel the same way or you may regret saying something; you can simply follow the steps explained below.

How to Find Your Comments on YouTube

First of all, if you are not logged in, visit YouTube and log in to your account, by your YouTube or Google login credentials.

Once logged in, you will see the navigation menu on the left of the screen.

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Click History on the menu, to open your account's history page. On this page, you can manage all your account activities, such as clear or disable your watch history, clear or disable your search history, view your comments, as well as your community and live chat interactions.

On the right side of the screen, you will see History Type menu. Click Comments, to view the comments you have posted on videos since the beginning of your account. They will appear to the left. Simply scroll down to view your older comments.

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Now that you've found where your comments are, you can read, edit or delete them as you wish.

How to Edit Your Comments on YouTube

If you bring your cursor over any of the comments in the Comments list, a button with three vertical dots will appear to the right of that comment. Click it to open the dropdown menu.

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To edit your comment, click Edit. This will send you to the video page on which you had posted your comment. There, you can edit it and click the Save button, or Cancel if you change your mind and keep it as it is.

How to Delete Your Comments on YouTube

Similar to editing your YouTube comments, you can delete them by clicking Delete button on the dropdown menu you saw above.

Note that, deletion is unrecoverable; therefore, make sure that you really want to delete your comment before proceeding.

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