How to Find Your Comment on a YouTube Video

Finding your own comments on YouTube videos is not a simple task, still it is not impossible if you know where to look. In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to find your comment on a specific video on YouTube.

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One of the features YouTube is missing but a lot of users wish it existed is that YouTube does not have a way to easily find your comments. This is mainly because it doesn't keep track of your comments on videos like it tracks your watched or liked videos.

For example, you can view the videos you have watched on your account so far by checking your watch history (assuming it's not disabled), similarly you can view the searches you have made on your account so far by checking your search history, and you can view the videos you liked in the Liked videos section. However, there's no such page or section where you can view the comments you have posted on videos so far. Not only that but you also can't know who liked your YouTube comments as that info is not made readily available to users along with other comment related information.

Though you can't check what comments you have made earlier, what replies you got to them and which of them received likes and who liked them on a page in your account, you can still do a couple of things to monitor and track your comments, if that's important for you. Our posts about how to find your YouTube comments and how to track YouTube comments explain in detail some of your options when it comes to checking your comments on other videos. What we will focus on in this post is to find a comment that you posted on a specific video on YouTube.

How to Find a Comment You Made on a YouTube Video

The steps we will follow below require that you know the video page URL where you had posted your comment. Either you bookmarked it or saved its link in a file or online so that you can visit it again to check your comment(s). If you don't know or remember the video page and can't find it on YouTube anymore, unfortunately there's nothing you can do to find your comment.

Now, assuming you have the video page URL, let's continue with finding your comment.

STEP 1: Open your favorite web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and go to that specific video page on YouTube. If it's stored in your bookmarks, you can double click to open it, or if it is saved as a link, you can paste it into the address bar of your browser.

STEP 2: Once the video page is opened, scroll down till you see a Loading... text below the video description box, right under the Show More link.

How to Find Your Comment on a YouTube Video - 1

This is where the video comments will be displayed in a few seconds, once the loading is complete.

STEP 3a: If there aren't many comments, about 10-30, simply scroll through comments to find your username and comment by quickly skimming each comment.

How to Find Your Comment on a YouTube Video - 2

STEP 3b: If there are a lot of comments, like hundreds or even thousands of them, press the End key on your keyboard to go to the bottom of the page.

STEP 4: At the bottom of the comments section, you will see the Show More button, click on it.

How to Find Your Comment on a YouTube Video - 3

STEP 5: Continue pressing End and then Show More button. At each step before pressing the End key again, press Ctrl + F, which is the shortcut to find text on a document and web page, and type your YouTube username. If your comment is among the visible comments, the search feature will find your username, hence your comment.

Continue this until you find your comment or all the comments are displayed, hopefully you will find it before checking all the comments. You can also sort the comments based on their date by clicking Top comments button and selecting Newest first from the dropdown menu.

If after displaying all the comments on the video page you can't find your own comment, it is probably deleted by the video owner.

This is how you can find your comment on a YouTube video. Unfortunately, there's no simpler way for finding your comments on YouTube unless you manually keep track of them as we showed in our other tutorials mentioned above. Hopefully, this post will help you in finding your comments.

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