How to Find Your Comments That You Make on YouTube

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't provide a way for its users to track the comments they make on videos, so I made a search if it was possible to track my YouTube comments in a way.

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UPDATE: After so many years, YouTube has finally started to let users see their past comments in their accounts. Hence, the following post is no longer needed; it's just kept as reference purpose.

The following statement may upset some of you but knowing the annoying truth is better than wasting hours or days searching for something that doesn't exist or that is not possible.

YouTube, as of writing this post, does not provide a way for its users to keep track of the comments that they make on others' videos.

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Actually, since I was rarely commenting on YouTube till recently, I had no idea about that as I never needed to track or find my previous comments. But recently, I started a new YouTube channel which I have been actively using and commenting on videos that interest me and in some cases, I feel a need to go back and check some of my older comments, to continue the discussion, to see if my comments are getting upvotes or downvotes or to edit or remove some of them if needed at a later time.

Previously, YouTube had some sort of integration with Google+ which allowed you to share your comments on your Google+ profile as you were posting them. This was a good way to easily track your comments on YouTube videos. However, Google recently started to separate their Google+ service with their other services including YouTube, hence removing the sharing of YouTube comments on Google+ profiles. And now, there is no built-in way for a user to track their comments.

I will be honest, I get quite annoyed by websites that I frequently use when they introduce major interface changes or remove features that I use a lot. Google, Facebook and other giant websites do that a lot. You spend a lot of time getting used to an interface and then the next time you visit the site, you see things work differently. Anyway, as long as we continue to use them, we gotta live by that.

I did an extensive search to find an easy, automated way to keep track of and find my previous YouTube comments but I couldn't find any way to do that. A website was suggesting to keep track of your watched videos, another was suggesting to keep track of your liked videos etc. one website even claimed to find your comments when you enter your YouTube user name (which obviously didn't work) but in none of them did the real task of tracking your comments.

Remember that we do not want to track the videos that we commented on, we want to track the comments we make. For videos that have very few comments, it is not hard. You can simply like the video or bookmark it and the next time you visit it, you will see your comment. But imagine you posted a comment on a video with hundreds or even thousands of comments. It would take much long for you to locate your comment within the endless list of comments.

So, what option do we have? I will talk about the only option that I came up with below but before that, I will briefly talk about how you can track your watched videos and liked videos in case that would be enough for you for tracking your comments, assuming you comment only on liked videos or you comment on all watched videos etc.

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Tracking Videos You Watched on YouTube

YouTube allows you to track the videos that you watch by keeping them available on a history page. You can track the videos that you watched by enabling the Watch History which can be accessed via the History link in your YouTube dashboard. The Watch History is enabled by default but you can pause, resume or clear it as you wish.

Keep in mind that in order for this tracking work, you should be logged in to your YouTube account while watching the videos. If you are logged off, it won't list the videos that you watch in your history.

Tracking Videos You Liked on YouTube

When you start a new account or channel on YouTube, it creates a playlist by default which is named as Liked videos. This playlist is where your liked videos will be stored and you can come back at a later time and watch them again as a playlist. I don't know if there is a numeric limit as to how many videos that you like will be tracked in this playlist, but it's a nice way to be able to easily find your previously liked videos.

Now, let's see how to track comments that you make on YouTube.

Tracking Comments You Post on YouTube

Since there is no built-in way -or any other way- to automatically track and find the comments you make on the videos that you watched, and since it is important for me to be able to track my comments (I believe it is also important to you, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this post), I decided to do it manually.

Luckily, when you post a comment on a YouTube video, a unique link specific to that comment is generated and attached to the timestamp that the comment is posted in. As you can also see on the image below, when you post a comment on a video, it will display a timestamp measuring the time since you have posted the comment. In the below example, it says 1 second ago.

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If you hover your mouse over that text, you will notice that it is actually a link. It is a unique link to your comment. If you click on it or right click and open in a new browser tab, the video page will open and your comment will be displayed as the very first comment, at the top of all other comments, below the video.

What I am doing after posting an important comment that I want to find at a later time is that whenever I make a comment on a video, I am grabbing that link and storing it in a spreadsheet. By doing so, whenever I need to go back and check my previous comments, I can easily do that by opening my spreadsheet and visiting my comment links.

I know it is a cumbersome method but it was the only one that I could find/come up with to actually track the comments themselves and not the videos. If tracking your comments is important for you, you can do as I do and keep track of them in an spreadsheet.

I hope that you find this post to be helpful and do let me know if you ever come up with a better way for tracking/finding comments you make on YouTube.

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