How to Make Your Comment Top on Youtube

Have you ever wondered how some comments on YouTube videos get so much thumbs up? Are your comments never getting the attention that you would like them to? In this post, we will share 7 tips to improve your commenting on YouTube.

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It is basic human psychology to want to be heard, be paid attention to what we're saying and get appreciated because of what we say. This has become much more important in today's world, where we share our thoughts, opinions and comments on a daily basis on various websites, forums, blogs, social media and video sharing sites such as YouTube; platforms that make our messages available to masses.

YouTube, as the world's most visited video sharing website, also has one of the largest online communities that is highly active. Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day and billions of comments are posted on those videos by users from all around the world. Some of those comments are seen, read, liked and replied, whereas most of those comments are never seen, never read, never liked and never replied.

How to Make Your Comment Top on Youtube

So, how do you get your comments noticed on a platform where billions of comments are posted every single day?

The tips we will share in the next section, which are based on our own experiences and analysis of a number of popular videos and highly upvoted comments, will try to give an answer to this question.

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How to Move Your Comment into Top Comments in YouTube

There is no magic formula for making your comment on a YouTube video appear at the top, among with other top comments with the most thumbs up, as it is all about making the right comment at the right time. Having said that, if you pay attention to the following tips and do as they suggest, you may observe an increase in the number of likes you receive to your comments on YouTube videos.

1. Be among the first to post a comment on the video.

Often times, those who post the very first comments within the brief period just after a video is published will receive more thumbs up compared to the newer comments, simply due to the fact that they will be placed on an empty comments section where there are still no comments; hence, they will be seen by more people.

Stay alert to the upcoming videos from your favorite channels and when they publish a new video, quickly post your comment after watching it.

2. Keep your comment short.

Short and precise comments are among the most upvoted comments. Most YouTube users don't bother reading long text blocks in comments as they have a limited time and they would rather spend it watching videos they're interested in. If you make a short comment which can be easily read with a quick glance, it will have a higher chance to be read by more people and to receive thumbs up.

3. Say something that will resonate well among other viewers.

Your comment should be relevant to the video and it should be something that other viewers would highly likely agree with. If you post irrelevant comments, funny jokes that are not related to the video or negative things (insults, flaming, etc.) that the audience will not like, do not expect any thumbs up on it at all.

4. Be Fun, Be Emotional, Be Informative, Be Controversial.

Not all videos are meant for the same audience. There are many considerably different channels on YouTube offering very different types of videos to totally different audiences. Depending on not only the video but also the channel, as the main audience is there for the channel, adjust the tone of your comment. Make it fun if it is a funny video or a prank, make it emotional if it is a touching video, make it informative if it is a tutorial or a how-to video, make it controversial if it is a video that you think will cause hot discussions.

In short, keep in mind that the success of your comment lies in the harmony between the video and the tone of your comment.

5. Have an interesting username and avatar.

With an interesting YouTube username and eye-catching profile image (avatar), your comment will have a higher chance to be noticed, upvoted and replied. Check some of the popular commenters on YouTube and see what type of usernames and avatars they use. Get inspired but be original.

6. Study top commenters on some of the most popular videos.

Following item 5, if you want your comments to hit the top list every time, you should study top comments on popular videos closely. See what kind of reactions they are, check what kind of replies they are getting and observe the patterns that make a comment highly successful. Apply similar techniques on your own comments.

7. Never engage in spam activities.

You may have heard of people paying others or creating multiple YouTube accounts in order to get artificial thumbs up not only on their videos but also on their comments since highly popular comments on videos with billions of views may be quite precious from marketing point of view. You should never do that as it runs the risk of losing your account, besides it can be easily figured out by YouTube and all your activities may get devalued.

Note that, YouTube doesn't necessarily list top comments by ordering them based on the number of thumbs up they received. You may see on some videos that some comments with less thumbs up count appear above comments with a lot more thumbs up. Still, by following the above tips, your comment's chances of entering into the top comments list will increase.

Happy Commenting!

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