Where to Find Free YouTube Banner Templates

In this post, I will share a list of websites where you can download free banner templates and channel arts for your YouTube channel.

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YouTube has gone through a couple of layout changes over the last couple of years and its current version allows you to put a header banner at the top of your channel. Actually, YouTube uses one large image as your channel art both as the header banner that will be displayed on desktop and mobile screens and as the background image on TV screens, like the following:

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Your YouTube banner is crucial for making a good first impression on your channel viewers. Your header banner should not only be related to your channel topic, to give a better idea to potential subscribers what your videos are about but it should also look professional and nice to the eye.

If you are a photographer or a graphics designer who can create their own header banners, it's awesome. Otherwise, your options are either hiring someone to do it for you or to select a pre-made YouTube banner template, free or paid, and insert it onto your channel. In the rest of this post, I will make a list of places where you can find free YouTube banner templates, photos or graphic designs, that you can put on your YouTube channel.

List of Sites to Find YouTube Banner Templates

Our first stop is YouTube itself.

YouTube Channel Art Gallery

When you log into your account on YouTube and click your header banner to edit it, the edit button will say Edit channel art, a popup window will open displaying the options Upload photos, Your photos, Gallery. Select Gallery tab on the navigation.

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As of now, there are 13 nice photos from landscapes and flora to cities that you can select from to put on your channel. Though the options are limited, since they are free, it may be enough if you are just starting.

YT Graphics

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YTGraphics.com is a website where you can find free and professional looking YouTube channel art and banner templates. The site focuses mostly on video games, offering a nice amount of designs for various games. You can even find a nice tutorial if you are interested in creating your own banner designs.

If you are planning to start a gaming channel on YouTube, you can visit YTGraphics.com now and grab yourself a nice banner template.

Graphic River

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Actually, this one is not free but I still included it since you can find 140+ nicely designed YouTube banner templates for as low as $2. I know nothing can beat free but still, knowing your options is good in case you can afford to spend money on your channel art. Here is the link to the YouTube banners on Graphic River:


More Sites to Download Free YouTube Banner Templates

You can find even more banner templates on the following links:

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These are some of the places where you can find free YouTube banner templates and I will be adding more resources to this site where you can download free templates as they become available. Good luck with your new channel and if you liked this post, I will appreciate if you share it with others so that they can find some nice banner templates for their channels.

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