YouTube Hotkeys: Full List of YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are frequently watching YouTube videos on your computer and you are not using hotkeys which can simplify a number of actions for you, you might be losing a lot of precious time. In this post, we will make a list of all keyboard shortcuts for YouTube.

Most software applications and websites provide their own set of custom keyboard shortcuts to simplify some of the most frequently performed tasks for their users. Especially if you consider doing the same tasks hundreds of times a day, using shortcuts to save time and to perform those tasks in a quicker fashion makes total sense.

YouTube is one of those websites on which you can use some keyboard shortcuts for certain actions. There are not many hotkeys that you can use on the user interface of YouTube, apart from the common hotkeys that are available on your web browser, but there are a number of quite useful shortcuts that are actively usable while watching videos.

Full List of YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

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Using shortcuts will not only allow you to view and navigate videos more efficiently, but it will also reduce the amount of mouse travel and clicks you you will have to do otherwise and let your mouse-clicking fingers rest. When you get used to YouTube keyboard shortcuts, you will realize that you will have a much better control over the video player. You can even impress your friends by showing your knowledge of hotkeys while watching videos together.

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Now, let's see what those YouTube keyboard shortcuts are.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Note that there are a few common browser hotkeys you can use generally on all websites including YouTube, such as the following:

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
F5Refresh the page.
F11Toggle browser fullscreen mode.
TabMove the cursor to Search box.

The following keyboard shortcuts, some of which you may already be familiar with, are available while watching a video on YouTube and the video area is in focus (i.e. you clicked on the video).

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
MMute volume.
Up arrow keyVolume up by 5%.
Down arrow keyVolume down by 5%
Spacebar or KPause/Play the video.
Home or 0Go to the Start of the video.
EndGo to the End of the video.
1 - 9 Go to 10%, 20%, ... 90% of the video.
Left arrow keySeek backward for 5 seconds.
Right arrow keySeek forward for 5 seconds.
JSeek backward for 10 seconds.
LSeek forward for 10 seconds.
FEnter/Exit Fullscreen video mode
EscExit Fullscreen mode
TabActivate tab selection on video control buttons. If you press Spacebar while tab selection is active, it will activate the focused button.
Shift + CEnable Subtitles/Closed Captions (CC).
Shift + NPlay Next video.
Shift + PPlay Previous video (while watching a playlist).
Shift + ,Decrease play speed.
Shift + .Increase play speed
,Move 1 frame backward (when the video is paused).
.Move 1 frame forward (when the video is paused).
-Decrease subtitle/CC font size.
+Increase subtitle/CC font size.

As you see in the above list, there are quite a few keyboard shortcuts that you can use while watching videos on YouTube. We hope that this shortcuts will help you save a lot of time on YouTube.

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